The NE part of former Hungarian Kingdom belongs to Ukraine's Zakarpattia County. Early 20th century the weak economy of the region forced many people to leave their homeland and to find a new life in the New World.

Wednesday, February 13, 200823:29:28 CET
Zakarpattia, Ukraine church metrical books in the LDS FHL catalog

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Just sent off this to the Hungary-L @ Rootsweb. Great news for Zakarpattia buffs!

Hello folks,

Following the discovery of the appearance of the Greek Catholic Diocese in Uzhhorod (Ungvar) BMD microfilms in the Family History Library catalog back in Oct 2007 (wrote a blog entry about it that time), today's serendipious find is the continuation of the BMD records with the Reformed Church in former NE Hungary, Karpatalja.

These catalog items are really fresh, must not be older than one month. In some instances the microfilms must have been taken of the original registers (kept by the state archives), because the covered years often go back prior to the 1820s (when copy series were established).

To see the list of available films, check out this URL (and should it break into more than one line, paste it into one): display=titlehitlist&keyword=Berehove Church records

My blog item from Oct 2007:

Happy researching,

Janos Bogardi / Radix.

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Monday, October 8, 200722:46:57 CET
Heureka, Ukraina!

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I'm preparing stuff to be added to the previously announced RadixHub. During the boring task of going through the holdings of Family History Library Catalog for modern and former Hungary I spotted quite something.

Apparently LDS is working on getting records from the Ukraine, and along with the vast eastern territories of the country sets of films relating to Zakarpattia (Kárpátalja) are on their newly acquired list, too. Considering the assigned record numbers for these items (1411329-32) and notes on them ("This is a preliminary description provided to allow immediate microfilm access.") these must be really fresh! Also, it must be due to the haste to add them to the FHL catalog that their "Authors" were not correctly entered. The listed author is the Greek Catholic Diocese in Uzhhorod, while the true provenance must has been the State Archives in Uzhhorod.

OK, now to the beef.

1) Family History Library cat. no. 1411329: Metrical books of the Mukacheve (Uzhhorod) Greek Catholic Diocese, 1826-1938, 70 microfilm rolls. Film notes with details.

This set contains church BMD registers, marriage licenses and records (people of mixed faiths), and church records of emigrants from the GC Diocese. These must not be the originals, but the original, contemporary copies. Churches in Hungary (in the Habsburg Monarchy) were requested to keep a copy of their metrical books and to send the copy sheets to either the county or to the diocese archives annually.

2) Family History Library cat. no. 1411330: Emigration records, 1901-1939, 25 microfilm rolls. Film notes with details.

Protocols and documents relating to the issue of passports to North America.

3) Family History Libary cat no. 1411331: Military records, 1853-1937, 12 microfilm rolls. Film notes with details.

Draft records, mainly from the Soviet era. 19th century docs are fragmentary.

4) Family History Libary cat no. 1411332: Various public records, 1954-1938, 8 microfilm rolls. Film notes with details.

This material includes various list of homeowners, citizens, voters, students.

Note that the detailed film notes are in the Cyrillic Ukrainian script.

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Sunday, February 11, 200713:20:07 CET added search pages for 30 countries

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WorldVitalRecords strives to live up to their vision to be a premier place for international genealogical research. Following their first set of 11 international genealogy search collections, on 9 Feb 30 more have been added. This new set includes interfaces for Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Ukraine research.

This research tool is done by using Google's Co-Op service, where one can filter Google to return results only from a select list of sites. Well, folks over there miss at least to sites that provide some subtle Hungarian family history information: RadixIndex and RadixForum.

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Tuesday, October 4, 200509:58:55 CET
Archives Mukachevo, Ukraine publishes catalog of its holdings

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What a feast! Ukrainian county archives now have lists of their holdings, published on the Archives of Ukraine site. Amongst the other units one can find the one in Mukachevo: List of fonds the State Archives of the Zakarpattya County. A word of warning: site is in Ukrainian. The list is available for download in the PDF format.

Basically, the archives in Mukachevo holds documents pertaining to the former Hungarian counties Ung, Bereg, Ugocsa and Maramaros. For some of them, holdings are only partial, as due to border changes various fonds went to Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, too. To help researchers archivists in these countries started to work together a few years ago. In fact, the above cited catalog is a fruit of joint work with the Museum in Satu Mare, Romania. On the Hungarian side the Archives of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County (in Nyiregyhaza) takes a major role.

I'll pick a few items from the catalog later - just for a tease.

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Wednesday, March 17, 200417:43:32 CET
Carpatho-Rusyn Society activities in the US

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There is quite a long list of events organized by the Carpatho-Rusyn Society this Spring. Most of them cover the historical background of the Rusyn people. There is one planned especially for family history buffs: a genealogy seminar to be organized by the Cleveland chapter of the society in May.

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