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Friday, November 30, 200720:51:27 CET
Hungarian Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland website

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Bill T. announced on the RootsWeb Hungary-L that the new website of the society was up and running. Congratulations!

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Wednesday, May 2, 200718:30:41 CET
A couple of resources and links from Croatia

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I happened to crank up my browser and go down crossing the Drava River to see what was up in Croatia. I could find quite a few remarkable things down there.

Genealogy fans founded the Croatian Genealogy Society named after Pavao Vitezovic in June 2005. They seem to be an active group, consisting of both academic and hobby researchers. During their annual meeting in March 2007 their president announced their coming journal Rodoslovlje (Genealogy). They organized a presentation of the 2004 Slovenia made reference book Rodoslovje in April 2007. The society hosts a genealogy forum on their site, too.

I'm not quite sure following what links I found my way to Moja Bastian (My heritage). This is a Croatian firm run by young people offering printing services for family trees and heritage, biographical books. Besides their flagship products they also provide research services, done either by themselves or by their research associates.

Would they reach for international markets? Could they become competitors for's coming AncestryPress?

The last part of my virtual Croatia trip took me to the Zagreb City Cemetery website. If the visitor clicks on the "English" (s)he will be presented with an English language brochure about the cemetery. It's better not to fear to enter the Croatian (hrvatski) page and to click on the "Trazilica" link on the right menu. This will bring up a search form. Well, one can search the database of not only the main cemetery, but all the Zagreb ones. My sample searches brought up burials back from the 1910s, so, the database might cover the records from the opening of the cemetery (1876). The English brochure mentions 300,000 burials. How to search? Put the surname into the "Prezime" field, and hit "Pretrazi!". One thing I notice is that it's not possible to jump further from the 1st page of hits. To truncate the search one can use the % sign to stand for several characters or the _ sign for one character. The system requires the use of proper Croatian accented letters. If you are to lazy to produce them, just use the % or _ characters.

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Sunday, August 14, 200509:26:43 CET

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Similarly to Soroksár, Diósd is an old settlement with Danubeswabian ancestry around Budapest.

Not like the sad news from Soroksár, Diósd has something that would bring a smile on every genealogist's face. Enthusiasts living in Diósd started a website with comprehensive info on the ancestries of their inhabitants. (available in Hungarian and in German) provides B/M/D records from church matricula, hundreds of old photographs showing people, events, buildings - everything connected to Diósd.

Well done!

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Wednesday, March 17, 200418:32:31 CET
AKUFF meeting and news

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AKUFF had the first of its three yearly meetings in Kalocsa this Saturday. (The number of come togethers might be changed to four per annum in future.)

As a member of the association I had the chance to take part of the event. There was no lecture this time, as the sit down part of the meeting was dedicated to the annual assembly with bureaucratic agenda: reports, budget, etc.

It looks like AKUFF might come out with its first published book this year. This will be an Ortssippenbuch of Nagyárpád (now part of Pécs, Hungary) by AKUFF member András Riszt. Good luck with that!

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Wednesday, March 17, 200417:53:13 CET
Ohio Genealogical Society 2004 Conference

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I always wonder why there is no big Hungarian genealogy society activity in the US. OK, I know of the Hungarian Genealogy Society of Greater Cleveland (but hey, what happened to their website at ?). Any other?

So, the annual conference of the Ohio Genealogical Society will run without Hungary or Hungarian related topics. Or, almost.

Genealogist celebrity (with a Rusyn background) Megan Smolenyak is going to give two presentations on 23 Apr: 1) Jump-Starting Your Eastern European Research 2) Maximizing Your Results from the Ellis Island Database.

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Wednesday, March 17, 200417:43:32 CET
Carpatho-Rusyn Society activities in the US

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There is quite a long list of events organized by the Carpatho-Rusyn Society this Spring. Most of them cover the historical background of the Rusyn people. There is one planned especially for family history buffs: a genealogy seminar to be organized by the Cleveland chapter of the society in May.

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Sunday, February 29, 200416:34:42 CET
AKUFF next meeting on 13 March in Kalocsa

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AKUFF (Danubeswabian Genealogy Association in Hungary) will have one of its yearly three meetings on 13 March in Kalocsa, Hungary.

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Sunday, January 11, 200412:54:27 CET
FEEFHS 2004 conference call for papers deadline getting close

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This year's conference of the Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) will take place 1-3 October in Detroit, Mi. Deadline for submitting proposed lecture/workshop/panel titles is getting closer now, it is set to 31 January.

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Tuesday, December 30, 200300:36:02 CET
Maderspach family site and foundation

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After the Maderspach family and its researchers kept coming up this evening (interview with Kinga Maderspach on Hungarian radio, another programe with her and others) hunch told me to google them - and you bet, the family site was amongst the hits. is a living site, just like their activities. The family tree database is not available by default, but login can be requested. Famous members of the family have their dedicated page, and there are even memorial monuments related to the family. And check this out - the family has its own foundation to promote the family history research and to preserve the monuments.

What else they have? Books, documentary film (was on broadcast of Hungary's Duna Television) on family members, family ball in December 2003, an account of a tour to ancestral places and a call for guests for the planned 2004 family reunion.

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