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A growing number of genealogy resources takes the shape of a database. Take a look to see database related blog entries dealing with Hungarian family history research.
Online resources
The collection of online Hungary ancestry resources - from the blogger's angle. Everything but databases.
Books, mags, CD-s, DVD-s
RadixLog's trip into Hungary-related genealogical books, magazines, CD-s and DVD-s, offline stuff
Archives, libraries, museums
I like to cover news about the repositories often used by genealogists.
Just like in other countries, the cemetery might be the only place for the information sought by the family historian.
Jewish research
Novelties of research avenues to the once significant minority of the country
German research
Hungary has been a home for the descendants of ethnic German settlers for centuries, let them be Zipsers from Slovakia, Saxons from Transylvania or Danubeswabians from the Banat and various parts of Hungary
Being a part of Austria-Hungary up to 1918 it might be of importance to the Hungarian researcher to keep an eye on Austrian research. Not to mention Burgenland, the federal state created from former Hungarian counties.
Slovaks, Hungarians, Germans, Rusyns and others share pieces of history in this part of the world.
The NE part of former Hungarian Kingdom belongs to Ukraine's Zakarpattia County. Early 20th century the weak economy of the region forced many people to leave their homeland and to find a new life in the New World.
For centuries, the NW (Transylvania, Partium), W (Banat) part of what is now Romania has been the home for people of different nationalities, including Hungarians and Germans.
Focus on the ethnically mixed Vojvodina province.
Divided by the River Drava and connected by families migrating to there and from there, Croatia and Hungary have centuries long interlinked history.
With a few connections and minor lands from former Hungary, Slovenian stuff might be interest some.
Genealogy industry
K, not really an industry when talking about Hungary. Genealogy, probate research services, providers, travel agencies blogged here.
Genealogy in the news
Genealogy when it comes to those not involved in ancestry research
DNA and genealogy
Genetealogy's born. Hungarians and the Huns? and the Avars? and the Sumerians? Let's not get back that far. Something more practical for the family historian.
Sorry for the word, how would you call scrapbooking, oral history, collecting old photos and postcards, coping with language problems, browsing maps and gazetteers by a collective term? Done by the family historian when not coping with the old scripts at repositories?
Every now and then courses and seminars are offered for those wishing to learn more about Hungarian gene methods.
Regular and irregular occasions to discuss, share of what people have and think.
Clubs, associations
Blogged stuff about organizations with some relation to Hungarian genealogy
Outstanding personalities
News about people involved in genealogy research: careers, lives and deaths
Radix labs
News and ramblings about my own projects, plans, dreams, whatsoever.
Milestones and progress of this very blog.
Where to put these? Have no category for them

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