Tuesday, February 17, 200923:07:21 CET
Old 1:75,000 military maps of Austria-Hungary now online

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This just came through the Rusyns list at Yahoo! Groups: the project of 1:75K old Austria-Hungary military maps is now online.

The homepage of the project writes that these are 1877-1914 maps, 776 sheets with a total of 3,665 images (including various editions of sheets).

The project is more than simply scanning the maps, a database with place names and metadata is also being built.

To start using this service go to the Search engine and enter place names. The place names database has all the small villages included, stripping accents from letters is OK, but the engine doesn't accept partial place names.

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Monday, February 16, 200919:37:34 CET
The names of 16 generations of ancestors in Serbian

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I read about an interesting feature of the Serbian language (and tradition) on the website of the Croatian Genealogical Society: according to the post there are no less than 16 generations of ancestors named in Serbian.

The male line starts with otac (father) and ends with beli orao (white eagle - he). The female line starts with majka (mother) and ends with bela orlica (white eagle - she).

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Monday, February 16, 200919:09:48 CET
Listen to win two GenClass tickets!

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I read about this promotion on Schelly Talalay Dardashti's Tracing the Tribe blog: as a listener of Lisa Louis Cooke's Genealogy Gems Podcast one now have a chance to win admission to two GenClass courses.

Lisa Cooke in the podcast has an interview with Lisa Alzo, one of the teachers at GenClass. Lisa Alzo does Eastern Europe research classes at GenClass, her upcoming course is: Eastern European Genealogy Research: Part 2 (Intermediate).

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Wednesday, February 4, 200910:11:59 CET
Google Translate now does Hungarian

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Google's translation tool has a new set of languages added. And this update brings some cheers to researchers of Hungarian ancestry, as it includes Hungarian.

The quality of Google's Hungarian to English, English to Hungarian translations vary - Hungarian isn't an easy language to understand, the task is daunting even for computers.

In the comments of the post (Hungarian) where I first saw the new tool mentioned several people agree that an other tool that has been available for some time now beats Google in En-Hu, Hu-En translations: Webforditas.hu (WebTranslation.hu) excels in that it's being developed to tackle the specialities of Hungarian. Google uses a more generic approach.

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