Saturday, March 31, 200721:18:24 CET
Links posted recently on the Csaladtortenet list

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Members of the Csaladtortenet (family history) mailing list often post links that are either brand new or that haven't received their deserved saturation.

Here are a couple of them from previous days:
- Andras Lichtneckert's Homepage (posted) - Mr. Lichtneckert is an archivist at the Archives of Veszprém County. His page includes several lists of names from 18-19 c. Veszprém (town).
- DigitArchiv (posted) - This site looks like the new publishing site of the National Archives of Hungary. It already contains databases (digitized sources) that have been in parts available in the Archives' corner on the Arcanum site. I wouldn't be surprised if it became the new online repository for the Archives' digitization efforts. They might even pull the material from the Arcanum platform. Time will tell.
- Digitized documents of the Franciscan Archives (posted) - The archives of this monastic order has digitized and has put online a couple of documents in its holdings. An interesting piece amongst them is the metrical records of the parish in Szeged administered by Franciscans. 550 pages of the first matricula volume are available for research on the site.

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Saturday, March 31, 200720:57:22 CET
Restricted books of KlimoTheca open again now

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I'm happy to report that the materials that were closed to the public for a couple of months are back for good now. Titles in this formerly restricted set interesting for genealogy buffs include the Dvorzsák 1877 gazetteer of Hungary, histories of the parishes in the R. C. Bishopric of Pécs and its schematismi etc.

I plan to blog about the story of the restriction some time later.

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