Wednesday, June 29, 200520:27:13 CET
Breaking news... Family Memory Program started

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Just saw it on a news program of the Hungarian Public Television (MTV): the Family Memory Program sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Education is finally taking off. It's called "Családi Emlékezet", and is a part of the National Memory program.

The Family Memory Program was first announced in Jan 2003. It was planned to be started in September 2003, followed by several postponed dates.

The homepage of the program is not available at the moment. It might be overwhelmed, or not yet functioning.

I'm watching its development and also the news covering it and will blog about it probably several times these following days.

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Monday, June 27, 200521:58:17 CET
Arcanum to launch Arcanum Online

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Today my mailbox had the Arcanum Newsletter #23 inside. Not without news! On July 1, 2005 they are going to come up with a new look of their website, and what is more exciting, they plan to launch a new service, Arcanum Online. Yahoo! Arcanum Online will offer all the text based publications (contents of their CD-s and DVD-s) they ever published.

July will be a testing month with free accounts, from August the service should go into a paying one. How much, you'd ask. While I'm not entitled to give out the figure Arcanum CEO Mr. Biszak mentioned in a private talk back in late April (watch out for stuff later here on Radixlog about our meeting), its yearly subscription was then planned to be more than a CD's price, and less than that of an Arcanum DVD.

To claim your free July account you should ask for it via email, call them or visit them in their office.

OK, we have quite much lagging with reporting on Arcanum publications that came out the last 12 months. Should make up for this.

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Sunday, June 26, 200511:26:22 CET
Opening hours of Hungarian libraries during summer

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Librarians at the National Research Institute for Physics collect summer opening hours notices of Hungarian libraries. Thanks to their work anyone with basic language skills can get an overview of the dates.

Here is the extract plus info about the Hungarian National Széchényi Library.

The Széchényi Library gets closed 1-31 August.

The main building of the Budapest Szabó Ervin Public Library is going to be closed 4-31 July.

The Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences closes on 27 June and reopens on 8 August, according to the above compilation.

The ELTE (Budapest) University Library closes on 11 July and opens again only on after 2 September.

The Library of the Parliament offers shortened opening hours in July, and closes in August.

The National Pedagogical Library and Museum is closed between 18 July and 21 August.

So, for the casual visitor the bottom line is: go to the National Széchényi Library if you plan a general research during July, and go to the Budapest Public Library or to the Academy Library if you do research during August.

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Sunday, June 26, 200510:57:42 CET
Opening hours of Hungarian archives during summer

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When people from Hungary with dayjobs take their summer vacation, and when a portion of foreign tourists with Hungarian ancestry come to visit the country during the months of summer, they might wish to pay a visit to archives, libraries or museums to pursue some genealogical diggings. Only if this would be possible!

Usually the staff at these places take their vacation during summer, too. So, if you plan research during July, and especially, during August, be careful and arrange your visit so that you don't have to face closed doors.

I'll try to give some details about summer openings hours here. Although I wish I could be comprehensive as far as central and county archives are concerned, but I couldn't find much information on their websites.

None of the county archives display their summer opening (closing) hours on the websites. As a rule of thumb, one should expect a closing of approx. 2 weeks, ending on 20 August. Thanks to one of our research fellows we can be aware of the closing of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Archives from 11 July for 2 weeks and the closing of the Reformed Church Archives in Debrecen throughout July.

The Veszprém County Archives closed on 31 March because they are moving to a new location. They are not likely to open before the end of the year.

The new website of the Hungarian National Archives is up-to-date with opening hours, their usual closure is scheduled for 5-16 September.

I'll post more on the topic as soon as more details become available. Stay tuned, as the summer library hours should follow.

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Thursday, June 23, 200523:10:02 CET
'Twas the June of 2004...

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... when the last substantial amount of blog items was added. One year ago! Time to wake up and take care of this orphaned little corner of the web.

Your fearless blogger was not without work these months. I had the chance to take part in the digital library building efforts of my employer, the Univ of Pécscs Lib this last Autumn (and have been having a less exciting assignment since Jan 2005). As our digital collection, KlimoTheca has several items "made for genealogists", and that besides the very recent discoveries made by Hungarian SIG of Jewishgen list members there seems to be a lack of publicity of it in non-Hungarian speaking family history circles, I'd take the plunge to introduce it to blog readers.

Speaking Radixwise, I can say that once I can get the new searching interface ready, together with some major(?) and minor improvements, I'd be able to throw in 500,000 more records by September or October 2005.

Not closely tied to genealogy, yet a new site of mine was launched a few days ago: ToPoIndex. This utility gives the visitors an index to old topographical postcards showing places of historical Hungary.

I did not have the chance to read Hungarian mailing lists closely these months, and there might be some other news I'm missing out there on other websites, too. These coming days, as time permits, I'd like to ste up in this matter, too, and catch the interesting things.

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