Thursday, March 18, 200419:11:39 CET
Legacy Family Tree software seeks translators

permanent link

There is no Hungarian language genealogy software, almost.

J. Gubányi-Kléber wrote on the Csaladtortenet list that he had translated WinFamily to Hungarian, but there is no sign of Hungarian language availability on the website.

Slovak researchers can use the Slovak version of Brother's Keeper.

The Hungarian Ministry of Education would launch its "Family Memory" program in April, and part of it is suspected to be some sort of genealogy software.

Now I read in the Legacy Family Tree Newsletter that they seek translators for their software. I'm not sure if they are interested in a Hungarian version. Well, if you are fluent both in English and Hungarian, why not ask them?

filed under: Paragenealogy

Wednesday, March 17, 200418:39:06 CET
New LDS family history centers to open this year in Hungary

permanent link

According to a senior LDS volunteer in Budapest (who happens to be a member of AKUFF, too) they would like to open four (or five? I'm not sure) new family history centers in Hungary. They will be located in Szeged, Nyíregyháza, Gyõr and Szombathely. The furniture and equipments are already in Hungary, the centers would be installed and opened within a few months. It's just simply too bad they won't have one in Pécs - the city where I live.

As of now, there is only one FHC in Hungary. Yes, it's in Budapest.

filed under: Archives, libraries, museums

Wednesday, March 17, 200418:32:31 CET
AKUFF meeting and news

permanent link

AKUFF had the first of its three yearly meetings in Kalocsa this Saturday. (The number of come togethers might be changed to four per annum in future.)

As a member of the association I had the chance to take part of the event. There was no lecture this time, as the sit down part of the meeting was dedicated to the annual assembly with bureaucratic agenda: reports, budget, etc.

It looks like AKUFF might come out with its first published book this year. This will be an Ortssippenbuch of Nagyárpád (now part of Pécs, Hungary) by AKUFF member András Riszt. Good luck with that!

filed under: German research Events Clubs, associations

Wednesday, March 17, 200418:09:11 CET
Anniversary of expelling noble families in Transylvania

permanent link

Early March 1949 was the time when noble families in Transylvania, Romania were expelled from their homes and were forced to move to locations arranged by authorities. The Castellum Foundation (of Transylvanian noble families) organized an evening to memorate this in Marosvásárhely (Tirgu Mures) on 5 March.

filed under: Romania Events

Wednesday, March 17, 200417:53:13 CET
Ohio Genealogical Society 2004 Conference

permanent link

I always wonder why there is no big Hungarian genealogy society activity in the US. OK, I know of the Hungarian Genealogy Society of Greater Cleveland (but hey, what happened to their website at ?). Any other?

So, the annual conference of the Ohio Genealogical Society will run without Hungary or Hungarian related topics. Or, almost.

Genealogist celebrity (with a Rusyn background) Megan Smolenyak is going to give two presentations on 23 Apr: 1) Jump-Starting Your Eastern European Research 2) Maximizing Your Results from the Ellis Island Database.

filed under: Events Clubs, associations

Wednesday, March 17, 200417:43:32 CET
Carpatho-Rusyn Society activities in the US

permanent link

There is quite a long list of events organized by the Carpatho-Rusyn Society this Spring. Most of them cover the historical background of the Rusyn people. There is one planned especially for family history buffs: a genealogy seminar to be organized by the Cleveland chapter of the society in May.

filed under: Ukraine Events Clubs, associations

Wednesday, March 17, 200417:37:33 CET
Hunroots discussion list ended

permanent link

List subscribers received a notification yesterday from Miklós Kálló of Family Tree Ltd.:
Due to the lack of activity we decided to disband the list.
Tahnks for all who participated, especially those who posted
really interesting stuff. We enjoyed this venture.
The list was set up by Family Tree Ltd. back in 1998 (if I'm not mistaken) and saw ups and downs in the volume of messages.

Remember this blog entry about a shift in the company's website? Maybe the list termination is part of the streamlining, too.

Well, farewell to Hunroots!

filed under: Online resources Genealogy industry

Friday, March 12, 200419:07:42 CET
Original matricula of Pilisvörösvár stolen

permanent link

AKUFF president forwarded this message from Rudolf Keszler to the Csaladtortenet mailing list

It has been confirmed that the first volume of the R. C. B/M/D church records (starting in 1693) of Pilisvörösvár had been stolen 2 years ago. Authorities had been contacted, but the fate of the old document is still unknown.

Rudolf Keller is working on the genealogy database of this place. As many of the details of the microfilm taken from the original are really difficult to decipher, once some of these data might emerge somewhere they could give a trace to the original.

Anybody having any info on this please contact Mr. Keszler or the AKUFF president.

filed under: Genealogy in the news

Friday, March 12, 200419:03:02 CET
Writing competition about Jewish history in Veszprém County

permanent link

The Jewish Community in Veszprém and the Veszprém Jewish Heritage Foundation announced a writing competition for 25-30 pages length papers dealing with history of Jewish people in the county. They welcome family history studies, as well. Deadline is set to 31 Aug 2004.

filed under: Jewish research

Thursday, March 11, 200418:12:31 CET
Research aids for Zala County in the works

permanent link

One of them has been published back in 2000 (its review)and now the Zala County Archives has plans to put it online. This is the archontology of Zala County, that is a historical directory of the county's officers.

The other work in progress is a research project by the social historians of Atelier Research Centre. They are looking at the property census of the nobility in Zala County taken in 1835. Hope that beyond the statistical research reports this will have some spin-off for the family historian, too.

filed under: Archives, libraries, museums

Thursday, March 11, 200418:00:44 CET
Catalog of old maps in the Kalocsa Archiepiscopal Archives

permanent link

The archives at R. C. Archibishopric in Kalocsa prepared the catalog of the old maps in their collection and put it on their website. The list consists of more than 800 old maps - mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries and mostly covering single settlements from the territory of the archibishopric, that is old Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun and Bács-Bodrog Counties. Yes, there are many from former Batschka, too.

filed under: Online resources Archives, libraries, museums

Thursday, March 11, 200417:52:02 CET
New book on Pozsony County's nobility

permanent link

Dr. Peter Nagy sent the info to the Csaladtortenet list that a new book covering nobles families of former Pozsony County (now Bratislava, Slovakia) came out this week. Title is "Slachta bratislavskej stolice", publisher Agentura Luigi, series title Series nobilium.

filed under: Books, mags, CD-s, DVD-s Slovakia

Thursday, March 11, 200417:46:32 CET
Budapest - now and then

permanent link

There was a photo contest with the subject of Budapest back in January. Some 1600 photos were submitted in three categories: "Modern Budapest", "Dark Budapest" and "Funny Budapest". All the photographs are available here.

The Budapest Public Library opened its redesigned website 2 weeks ago. One of the new features would be the Picture Archives of Budapest. Unfortunately, their database server doesn't seem to work, or at least, doesn't accept connections from outside - hope they will be able to fix it. The picture archives is linked here.

filed under: Databases Online resources Archives, libraries, museums

Friday, March 5, 200420:11:42 CET
Hungary genealogy class in L.A. Family History Center

permanent link

According to Marianne5061 of the Czech and Slovak Republic genealogy forum on DelphiForums the Family History Center on L.A.'s Santa Monica Blvd. offers a (repeated) class on Hungarian genealogy research on 10 March 2004. It's tailored for beginners in the field.

filed under: Education

Friday, March 5, 200420:06:14 CET
Genealogy chart of Hungarian royal families in the MEK

permanent link

MEK (Hungarian Electronic Library) has a genealogy related submission this week: the family chart of Hungarian rulers is available as a PDF file. To be able to read it, one has to zoom in by 800%. Yes, this is a big chart.

filed under: Online resources

Friday, March 5, 200420:02:30 CET
Genetics lecture on TV university to come on Monday

permanent link

There is a popular series going on Hungarian TV where professors give lectures covering their specialities to the widest public. It's titled "Mindentudás Egyeteme" (the University of Universal Knowledge). On 8 March Prof. Raskó of the Genetics Institute in Szeged will deliver his one on genetics in general, and by popular expectation, he will probably cover their findings on the genetics of Hungarians, as well. There is a preliminary interview with him done by popular science magazine Élet és Tudomány. Read it here (in Hungarian). Similarly to other lectures, a new topic will be opened on the site's message board, too. Let's see how it develops.

filed under: DNA and genealogy

Friday, March 5, 200419:52:03 CET
German-Hungarian family calendars 1932-1954 website improved

permanent link

Peter Schmidt announced the opening of the improved site with the database of the Deutsch-ungarischer Familienkalender subscriber lists. Years 1932-1934 are covered by now, with more than 80,000 records.

filed under: Databases German research

Friday, March 5, 200419:45:05 CET
Profila auction gone, new auctions to come this Spring

permanent link

Profila Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary) held one of its larger auctions last Saturday. More than 7000 old postcards of Hungarian places were offered this time. Remaining pieces are still available, so, you might want to take a look.

Every Spring there are lots of book auctions in Hungary. Many of them are listed on the website, on this page. You can join these auctions via the internet, too.

Prefer Ebay? Try this search for Hungary-related old postcards and paper documents.

filed under: Paragenealogy

Friday, March 5, 200419:36:24 CET
New CD with pictures of Hungarian villages available

permanent link

Imre Harasztosi of Hungarian Village Photography announced his newly published CD containing photographs taken recently of Hungarian villages by him (scroll down to the bottom of the page). 223 photos are on the CD, there is no list of the included settlements given this time, though.

filed under: Books, mags, CD-s, DVD-s

Friday, March 5, 200419:31:13 CET
Volunteers cleaning old Jewish cemetery in Topolya

permanent link

The February issue of Szombat, the magazine of the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association writes about the cleaning of the old Jewish cemetery in Topolya (now: Bačka Topola, Serbia and Montenegro). The article (in Hungarian).

filed under: Archives, libraries, museums Cemeteries Jewish research Paragenealogy

Friday, March 5, 200419:06:07 CET
New York City Council considers supporting Hungarian Holocaust survivors in Gold Train Case

permanent link

City Council to hold legislative hearing on resolution urging prompt and just settlement. Read the story here.

filed under: Online resources Books, mags, CD-s, DVD-s Archives, libraries, museums Jewish research German research Slovakia Ukraine Romania Genealogy industry Genealogy in the news Events Clubs, associations

Friday, March 5, 200419:03:53 CET
New book on Romanian research available

permanent link

Leland Meitzler of Heritage Magazine announced his distributorship of a relatively new guide for Romanian genealogy research: Romanians in the United States and Canada.

filed under: Books, mags, CD-s, DVD-s Romania

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