Sunday, February 29, 200416:54:15 CET
Presentation on Austro-Hungarian and Burgenland research in Cranberry, PA

permanent link

Anna Kresh (Internet editor of Burgenland Bunch, and now elected to the Board of Directors, Austrian American Cultural Society (Pittsburgh)) will have a presentation on Austro-Hungarian and Burgenland research at the Cranberry Genealogy Club meeting on 20 March.

filed under: Austria Education

Sunday, February 29, 200416:34:42 CET
AKUFF next meeting on 13 March in Kalocsa

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AKUFF (Danubeswabian Genealogy Association in Hungary) will have one of its yearly three meetings on 13 March in Kalocsa, Hungary.

filed under: German research Clubs, associations

Sunday, February 29, 200416:06:14 CET
KlimoTheca launched

permanent link

My employer, the University of Pécs Library, launched its digital library service on 24 Feb. The name of the digital collection in KlimoTheca. We keep our eyes open to family historians, so, one can expect a few titles interesting for genealogists to appear there. We already have some good stuff scanned: 1877 gazetteer of Hungary (and an older one from 1786), the directory of public institutions and of their employees in Hungary from 1863, the directory of larger land owners in Hungary from 1897 and other titles geared toward local history researchers. Requests are welcome!

filed under: Online resources Archives, libraries, museums

Sunday, February 29, 200415:52:41 CET
New Hungarian professional genealogy service with Jewish speciality

permanent link

Levéltár.Lap.Hu (site linking to Hungarian archives websites) took me to Hungarian Jewish Roots - new genealogy service in Hungary specializing in Jewish family history research. Good luck with that!

Their introduction page has that they would like to set up a database by mid-2004 that would have all kinds of information about "ordinary and famous Hungarian Jews". Interesting!

filed under: Jewish research Genealogy industry

Sunday, February 29, 200415:43:04 CET
Croatian genealogy seminar in Denver, Co.

permanent link

Robert Jerin of the Croatian Heritage Museum will visit Denver to host a one day seminar on 20 March. More information can be found here.

filed under: Croatia Education

Sunday, February 29, 200415:35:10 CET
Fejér County Archives closed until 3 May 2004

permanent link

The website of the archives has this information.

filed under: Archives, libraries, museums

Sunday, February 29, 200415:06:31 CET
DNA database to go online on Monday

permanent link

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation is set to release their DNA database on Monday. After a short visit to their site I noticed that it might not be that easy to find your genetically related people. It takes efforts to get an idea what results this type of research would yield. Will see how it develops.

filed under: Databases DNA and genealogy

Sunday, February 29, 200414:47:07 CET
Family histories of guests at the Kossuth Channel of the Hungarian Radio

permanent link

The 19 Feb broadcast of the night magazine at Hungarian Radio's Kossuth Channel had guests talking about their family histories. Guest list included Hungarian celebrities Boglárka Csősz, Árpád Kercsó, Kisfaludy family members etc.

Thanks to the archival services, you can listen to the program here (RealAudio Player needed). Scroll to 11 min 30 sec for the program start. part 2, part 3.

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Sunday, February 29, 200414:25:43 CET
Hungarian National Archives working on the 1715 "national census" digital version

permanent link

According to this article in Hungary's popular daily Népszabadság the Hungarian National Archives is working on digitizing the 1715 "national census". This census is similar to the 1828 one, with which Hungarian family historians are probably familiar.

The article suggests that personal names will not be indexed, instead, one will be able to browse digitized images going through settlements. It is told to be available in June this year.

Even more digital sources are envisioned, the 1720 and 1828 similar censii might follow.

filed under: Databases Archives, libraries, museums

Sunday, February 29, 200414:11:33 CET
Report by the Jaross-Lists Committee complete

permanent link

Back on 11 Jan I blogged the set up the Jaross-Lists Committee. This week the committee reported its findings. The assumption was that these lists, which were taken after an order by the Hungarian minister of interior in early April 1944, were the sources for picking Jewish people and taking them to concentration camps.

The most important result is that there aren't any complete series of the lists remaining, despite of the fact the originals were taken in four copies. Some lists come up here and there, but there is no single repository holding the whole series.

Also, the committee found more sources that would be more helpful in setting up a list of those who were taken. More about the findings.

filed under: Jewish research

Sunday, February 29, 200409:19:11 CET
Pro genealogists working on celebrity trees

permanent link

Sorin Fortiu's GenealogRO Group of Timisoara, Romania was asked to do a research of Johnny Weismüller's tree. Johnny was known in the 1920s for his swimming performance, and then, probably even more known for his Tarzan films. Weismüller's autobiography and official papers had that he was born in Pennsylvania. Sorin's research revealed that Johnny was born into a Danubeswabian family in what was then Hungary's Banat region, now Romania. Read the story here.

US presidential candidate John Kerry was believed to have an Irish-American family from Massachusetts. In February 2003, following the research done upon commission from the Boston Globe newspaper Ing. Felix Gundacker reported his findings. According to it, Kerry's grandfather, Frederick A. Kerry was born as Fritz Kohn to Jewish parents in a small town in what is now the Czech Republic (then Austria-Hungary). Read Gundacker's posting.

filed under: Jewish research German research Austria Genealogy in the news Education Clubs, associations

Sunday, February 29, 200408:25:05 CET
Return of RadixLog

permanent link

These weeks were really busy for me. My day job was so much demanding that I could not afford to come to RadixLog and post something. I'm sorry for that. Now I'll try recap all the interesting things since early January 2004.

filed under: RadixLog

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